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Barwa Cosmetics is a company with more than 70 years of experience in producing top-quality cosmetics. We create a variety of affordable products based on safe and skin-friendly ingredients and formulas with the highest possible content of naturally derived ingredients. We are the experts in the production of natural plant-based bar soaps. Moreover, we create products for hair care, body care, face care, particularly sensitive skin and for children. We also offer cosmetics for home and pet care. We draw on the knowledge and experience we have gained since 1949, while listening to consumer needs, keeping abreast of cutting-edge technologies and conducting our own scientific research to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our products We are constantly expanding our distribution to be always close to you – in your favourite shop. We already export our products to 31 countries worldwide and 80% of our customers have been cooperating with us for over 10 years. We make sure that the information on the packaging of our products is understandable and transparent. We only offer honest product compositions and reliable marketing statements. We want to grow with respect for the environment, health and good manufacturing and business practices.


years of experience


countries to which we export


of our customers have been cooperating with us for more than 10 years


Polish capital family-owned business


SKUs and more than 500 formulas developed


bars of soap per minute



We create the top-quality formulas with the state-of-the-art active ingredients. Our products are designed to be effective, innovative and at the same time economically priced so that everyone can afford them.


We support Polish, local suppliers. We ensure that the information on the packaging of our products is transparent. We offer only honest product compositions and reliable marketing declarations.


We want to develop distribution so that we are always close to you – in your favourite shop, while being mindful of respect for the environment, health and good business practices.

70 years of history

The Barwa Cosmetics logo has changed four times in 70 years. The colourful parrot reflects the changes that have taken place over that time.

Our adventure began in 1949 when the BARWA Co-operative was established in Cracow at 33 Market Square. A year later the first logo was created and since then the parrot has invariably been the symbol of our brand.

At the beginning, we were engaged in the production of Christmas tree ornaments, exported mainly to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and France. In the 1960s, we expanded our product range to include, among other things, shoe polish and floor polish and, in 1978, Jagna dishwashing liquid. In the late 1970s, personal care products were added to our portfolio – including one of the most famous soaps, White Camel.

1986 was a landmark year in the history of our brand. The first hair shampoos, intimate hygiene lotions and liquid soaps were then on offer.

Logo with a parrot

The Barwa Cosmetics logo has changed four times in 70 years. The colourful parrot reflects the changes that have taken place over this time.

Let's talk about... soap!

…because we know literally everything about it and can talk about it for hours, losing track of time.

Since 1977, we have been producing a specialised bar soap that revolutionised the Polish cosmetic market. Initially, we offered 11 types of this product, including sulphur and undecylenate soap, salicylic soap, ichthammol soap, calamus-hops soap and tar soap. Traditional Polish Soap is invariably the most popular product that has been present in every home for generations. Its success is evidenced by the fact that today we produce more than 100 bars of soap per minute and export it to 31 countries around the world. 2004 was a landmark year for our company because we were one of the first brand companies in Poland to decide to completely abandon the use of animal fats in soap production. Since then, they have been made using natural plant bases and are 100% vegan.

Barwa today

We have a colourful history from which we draw experience and strength for action. Barwa is a modern company that is constantly evolving. We are expanding our hair and scalp care range, introducing premium speciality soaps and innovative facial care products based on botanicals and cutting-edge ingredients.

The absolute magic takes place in the Research and Development Department – the Research and Development Laboratory and the Quality Management and Microbiology Laboratory. In the former, new recipes and technologies are developed with documentation, while in the latter, the quality of processes is supervised – from the supply of ingredients to production, through all stages of product development on the production halls.

We own modern machinery and three production halls: a production hall for liquid products, a soap production hall and a white cosmetics hall. Thanks to our own high-storage warehouse, we are able to comprehensively meet the needs of our business partners.


Małgorzata Brożyna

President of the Management Board

Privately, she is a passionate traveller eager to find the next place to discover. She successfully overcame her fear of flying to now enjoy travelling to the most far-flung destinations around the world. She is a perfectionist with an inextinguishable sense of humour which makes her complete every task, even the most difficult one, with a smile. She majored in Management and Marketing and Human Resource Management. She joined the company in 2000. She worked as the Development Director from 2007 to 2011. She became the Managing Director in August 2011. In May 2013, she was appointed the President of the Management Board of Barwa.


Stanisław Brożyna

Vice-President of the Management Board

An avid traveller whose passion is exploring the most diverse corners of the world. After work, he spends most of his time in the garden. He strongly believes that the most important principle is the work-life balance. He puts it into practice every day. He majored in Management at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. He started working in Barwa in 1989 as the Deputy Technical Manager. From 1992 to 2013, he acted as the President of the Management Board.


GMP certification

We operate in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Good Manufacturing Practice begins when raw materials are purchased. Then it extends to their storage, various stages of production and packaging to storage and sale.

ISO standards

We operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. It is the international standard that defines the criteria for a quality management system which we have implemented and applied consistently since 2003. The audit is performed in accordance with the quality regulations provided by TÜV Rheinland Poland.

HACCP system

HACCP system is widely perceived as one of the most effective risk assessment tools for ensuring that cosmetics do not become contaminated or polluted and are therefore completely safe for a potential consumer.


Our products are awarded in prestigious nationwide competitions. The specialists who sit on the jury appreciate them for their innovation, high quality and outstanding design. For us, this is not only a great joy and distinction, but above all a motivation to continue working and creating even better products tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.

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