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Get to know us

Our team is power
The Barwa team is made up of passionate people who share a common goal. We work at the company’s registered office in Kraków, and some of us work in the field. We support each other in achieving our goals. We have the courage to reach for more. Our passion is our business, our products and our customers.

Working on equal terms
We believe that there is a place for everyone in the beauty industry, which is why both women and men work in our company. We want everyone to feel at ease and comfortable with us, so we strive to create a safe space for our employees.

Job stability
The majority of us have been with the company for 10, 15 or even 20 years. A good atmosphere, constant challenges, development, a clear career path and free communication and cooperation between departments are the features that distinguish our company and have a huge impact on the many years of seniority.

Organisational structure of the company
We work in the administrative, accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, IT, production, R&D, technical and warehouse departments.


Why work at Barwa?

Working in close-knit teams

In our company, the experience of long-standing employees meets the modern approach of young and creative people, so that every day we exchange knowledge and ideas in order to achieve our goals even better.

Transparent processes and modus operandi

Each position is created with a clear set of tasks and responsibilities as well as a clear career development path. Thanks to ISO certification, all processes and procedures at Barwa Cosmetics are verified and transparent.

You will become part of the beauty industry

When joining our company you will gain knowledge about trends and the latest technological solutions in the beauty industry. You will learn about the product development process and the specifics of selling through different distribution channels.

Real influence on the cosmetics created

Each and every of our employees has an impact on the products being implemented by participating directly in the process. You can take part in brainstorming sessions, share inspiration or test the cosmetics being developed in our laboratory before they hit shop shelves.

We respect your free time

We respect our employees’ free time, we do not work after hours, and we end the working day at 3.30 pm before the afternoon traffic and jams start. After work, we also provide opportunities for active leisure through a subsidised sports package.

Opportunities for continuous development

We invest in the development of employees, introduce them to processes, give them the opportunity to participate in the development of the product at every stage and have a real impact on the final result. Together, we set goals that, when consistently pursued, lead to promotion.

Employee benefits

Looking after the development and safety of our employees is a priority for us. We are aware of the importance of employment stability as well as a good working atmosphere. We want to give our employees as much as possible which is why we have prepared a wide range of benefits and company benefits.

Group health insurance

The insurance guarantees our employees express access to medical consultations under private medical care. It offers the possibility of cashless use of medical services in cooperating facilities or reimbursement of costs incurred for medical services provided in any facility of choice.


A card for everyone who loves movement! It allows you to use over 4,000 venues even several times a day and gives you access to a wide online offer (trainings, Diet Wizard, consultations). MultiSport Plus gives you unlimited access to venues all over Poland. Fancy a morning workout at the gym but want to relax in the sauna in the evening? Go ahead!

Employee Capital Plans

Thanks to the Employee Capital Plans, our employees can take care of their future by starting long-term savings.

Company Social Benefits Fund

The Company Social Benefits Fund guarantees financial support to all Barwa Cosmetics employees in accordance with its purpose.

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