Press breakfast with Rose soap from Barwy Harmonii

On 24 April 2013 BARWA Company invited journalists writing for female and lifestyle press to join our press breakfast held at the Belvedere restaurant. “Discover everything that can be immersed in a simple bar of soap” was the main statement of the meeting. All the invited guests could learn more about the history of the rose soap offered by Barwy Harmonii Rose, which dates back to 1949, about its unique composition, properties, not to mention the production method. During the second part of the meeting, volunteers had the chance to make their own soaps in a selected shape, colour and smell.

The following stars added lustre to this event:  Marcelina Zawadzka, Dorota Czaja, Aleksandra Mikołajczyk, Magdalena Waligórska, Sabrina Pilewicz and Anna Gzyra.