FURNITURE cream cleaner

Cream cleaner for all types of wooden and wood-based surfaces. Effectively removes stubborn dirt, greasy stains and dust. Does not leave streaks or damp patches. Protect colours against the sun and soiling.Thanks to an antistatic ingredient, it reduces dust build-up. Leaves a permanent and pleasant odour.

what makes FURNITURE cream cleaner special?

Thanks to the unique formula milk is extremely efficient.  Gently cleans and polishes wood surfaces. Lotion leaves no streaks, white raid and stains, making beautiful and fresh look. Effectively protects the wood from absorbing water and refreshes and protects the color from the Sun and dirt. Carefully chosen aromatic composition will remain sustainable and pleasant smell.

how to use?

Spray the liquid directly on a dirty surface and then wipe it with a damp cloth and rinse. In case of stubborn stains, leave for a few minutes on the cleaned surface.

REMEMBER! Before first use always test a product on a hidden surface. If there are no changes or discolorations after 10 minutes, you can use the product safely.