DISHES liquid

Liquid for cleaning all types of kitchen dishes made of glass, crystal, pottery, plastic, steel, silicon and others. Removes stubborn residues and soiling as well as the most difficult grease. After using it, dishes are clean, shining and without streaks. The liquid is delicate for hands and highly efficient. A delicate and fresh odour masks an unpleasant smell of food residues.

what makes DISHES liquid special?

Thanks to the unique liquid formula is extremely efficient and just one drop is enough to wash many dishes. The liquid does not leave streaks and after washing the dishes are clean and shiny. Delicate and fresh scent masks unpleasant odor food debris, while completely washes away. Despite strong action on the patches is gentle for the hands.

how to use?

Apply one drop of the liquid on a dish-washing sponge. Rinse the washed dishes thoroughly with water. Use the proper amount of the liquid depending on the amount of dishes and their degree of soiling.

REMEMBER! Before first use always test a product on a hidden surface. If there are no changes or discolorations after 10 minutes, you can use the product safely.